Entrepreneurship ecosystem: Create interview scripts

I am doing an inductive research on entrepreneurship about an Arab country (will be communicated to the writer) and part of my investigation is conduct Semi structured interview with a number of experts (people involved/engaged with the entrepreneurial activities who could be policy makers or entrepreneurs)

The required deliverables are:

  • Create 36 interview scripts for 36 experts. The background of the experts should represent the following 9 areas. 4 interviewees from each category; 2 entrepreneurs and 2 engaged with policy making. Content should reflect the local context of the country. (36 pages)
  • The scripts should be around the following proposedquestions:
    1. How do you evaluate the efforts made by the government to promote entrepreneurship in the country?
    2. What are the major challenges facing entrepreneurs in the country? What are the ways to resolve them?
    3. What are the rules and regulation that limit or hinder the growth of entrepreneurial activities in the country? What are the entrepreneurial polices that need to be modified or developed?
    4. Do you see any conflict between all the stake holders in charge of entrepreneurial policy making in the country? Stake holders may include: Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Raffad Fund, the Public Authority for small and medium enterprises, educational institutions, the Tender Board, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Please share examples and illustration of the same, and what are the institutions that need to work more than others in this regard
    5. Do you think that entrepreneurs receive a fair chance to patriciate in the development of the entrepreneurial policies? What is more required?
      Is the future promising for the growth of entrepreneurship in the country?


    • Run those scripts in Nvivo software to find out the main themes or issues that have been highlighted in the interviews. Coding file is required. (1 page to state the main themes)
    • Develop 15 hypothesis that can be investigated from the questionnaire responses filled by the experts.
      1. Make sure that that proposed hypothesis are linked the entrepreneurial ecosystem
      2. Out of the 15 hypothesis, propose 5 that can have a social impact to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem. (3 pages)
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