Equality of Opportunity

health policy issues

Identifying possible health policy issue & and environmental scan. This should be no more than a 2 page, double spaced paper.

USE THIS REFERENCE: Patton, R. M., Zalon, M. L., & Kudwucj, R. (Eds.) (2015). Nurses making policy: From bedside to boardroom. New York, NY: Springer. [ISBN 13 9780826198914]

Chapter 1, 2 and 4

ICS Scenario

For the last question set up and diagram an Incident Command System for the following scenario. Define all the roles and responsibilities for each function area that would be included in this scenario. SCENARIO: At 10:05a.m. today, a hurricane/earthquake/tornado/flood hit the community of Edenton. The downtown area was hardest hit. People have reported damage to homes, and businesses have been affected as well. No fatalities have been reported. Three people with injuries have been taken to the Edenton Community Hospital, which is also reporting some damage. As many as 10 people are missing. The downtown fire station is destroyed/inoperable. Two other fire stations are operational. Other possible effects: A large fire has broken out in downtown Water mains are cut. 10 percent of the population has sustained injuries. Utility lines are down. Animals in the zoo have escaped from their cages. Looters are rampaging downtown. Sewers have backed up, endangering public health. Many houses are destroyed/inhabitable and shelters will be needed. A hazardous spill has occurred. A major road has been affected.

Equality of Opportunity

Evaluate “equality of opportunity” as the guiding principle in the promotion of well being. How can this be used to provide welfare in a socially just manner?


Assessment criteria for essays
Student essays will be marked on the degree to which they succeed in:

1 Writing a response that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of arguments central to the topic chosen;
2 Writing a response that demonstrates knowledge and understanding about the contested nature of key social policy concepts;
3 Writing a response that demonstrates knowledge and understanding about the ways in which social policy attempts to tackle social problems;
4 Essays will also be assessed according to the following generic criteria:

• The essay should have a clear and logical structure
• Any statements or claims made are supported by sound and logical reasoning
• Correct grammar and spelling is used
• The style of writing is clear, coherent and concise

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