ERP and Systems Integration Discussions

ERP and Systems Integration Discussions

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Aptean Company in the article ERP and System Integration, advises companies on some of the aspects they should look out for whenever they are adopting other application into their existing ERP system. Aptean notes that currently, most companies have more than just the ERP systems in their operations; they have many systems. While these systems may all be essential, there is need to balance between the essence of other systems and their contribution towards enhancing the role of ERP. The article notes that these other applications must be focused on complementing the role of ERP.

One notable way that companies can do this is through adoption of other systems that are in line with the goals of a company through the ERP model. Examples of these systems are Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS). The article further notes that outside systems that the company feels may add value can also be used all in a bid to optimize the role of ERP. As an example, Aptean offers CRM as an outsourced system that may be essential to improve the functionality of ERP. Aptean Company advises that in as far as, ERP may play the role of communication; CRM tends to cover some shortfalls that arise when using ERP since it is prone to customization as noted by the various approaches in the article.

Aptean Company takes a professional note in advising companies and individuals that may choose to adopt new applications in their systems. Their article offers suggestions on how such companies could optimize on their ERP systems by focusing on those approaches that they feel are in line with their goals.

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