essay format

Choose one of the following. Your paper should be in an essay format and should include support from the reading(s) such as quotes, paraphrasing, and examples.

All written assignments and exams should follow the rules of standard grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation (MLA or Chicago), and form. Although this is a history class, not an English class, learning to write fluently and coherently is an important part of your college education and will provide you with transferable skills you can use in the workplace after graduation. In preparation for the course exams and essays, we will address writing skills as part of a lecture. Failure to follow these direction may lower your assignment grade 1/2 a full grade.

1) Is the play "The Tempest" a tale to be read as if it happened or is it meant to be the dreams/fantasies of Prospero? Why, or why not?

2) Compare the character "Miranda" in "The Tempest" to the wife of Odysseus and three women for the "Lais". How is Miranda’s character different and similar?

3) In what ways are love, revenge, and fforgiveness used as themes in "The Lias of Marie De France" and "The Tempest"

4) We have discussed the literary theme of natural v. unnatural. Pick a few (at least 3) characters in "The Tempest" that can be described as unnatural and natural. You should explore both their differences and similarities. How do their important characteristics affect relationships between them?

This is the book ( Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Ed. Peter Holland. New York: Penguin, 1999. Print).

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