Ethical Hacking

1) Explain what is Ethical Hacking?

2) What is the difference between IP address and Mac address?

3) List out some of the common tools used by Ethical hackers?

  • Meta Sploit
  • Wire Shark
  • NMAP
  • John The Ripper
  • Maltego

4) What are the types of ethical hackers?

5) What is footprinting in ethical hacking? What is the techniques used for footprinting?

7) Explain what is DOS (Denial of service) attack? What are the common forms of DOS attack?

8) Explain what is SQL injection?

9) What are the types of computer based social engineering attacks? Explain what is Phishing?

10) Explain what is Network Sniffing?

11) Explain what is ARP Spoofing or ARP poisoning?

12) How you can avoid or prevent ARP poisoning?

13) What is Mac Flooding?

14) Explain what is DHCP Rogue Server?

15) Explain what is Cross-site scripting and what are the types of Cross site scripting?

16) Explain what is Burp Suite, what are the tools it consist of?

17) Explain what is Pharming and Defacement?

18) Explain how you can stop your website getting hacked?

19) Explain what is Keylogger Trojan?

20) Explain what is Enumeration?

21) Explain what is NTP?

22) Explain what is MIB?

23) Mention what are the types of password cracking techniques?

24) Explain what are the types of hacking stages?

The types of hacking stages are

  • Gaining AccessEscalating
  • PrivilegesExecuting
  • ApplicationsHiding
  • FilesCovering Tracks

25) Explain what is CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)? How you can prevent this?

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