Ethics Assignment: Would MIA’s Decision be Unethical?

Ethics Assignment

Would MIA’s Decision be Unethical?

            Mia’s decisions to allow Light Manufacturing Company to be one of the vendors would be unethical based on the parameters that have been set by Hardee Industrial Supplies in securing vendors and the IMA (institute of management accountants) code of ethics. Hardee Industrial Supplies has set specific requirements that each of the vendors needs to fulfil prior to being selected by the company. One of the requirements is to obtain certification that dictates how the company will deliver their services. Mia is avoiding this. In essence, she is failing to consider the guiding principles under the code of ethics, which stipulates that an individual should be able to substantiate between conflicting interests between those of the firm and those of their own under integrity. Mia’s decision would also be viewed as unethical in the sense that she has considered to look at all the benefits that would accrue to her if she allowed Light Manufacturing Company to be a vendor.

Code of ethics Being Violated

The most applicable section of the IMA’s Code of Ethics to this case would be both the guiding principles and standards. Under principles, Mia has not considered honesty, responsibility, fairness, and objectivity in undertaking her role, as she seems to have her personal thoughts to dictate the actions she plans to take. She says she does not have anything to lose, and that the situation is likely to allow her to improve her financial positions especially now that she is leaving the company on her due retirement. Under the standards, Mia is also in violation of various standards beginning with the competence standard, which requires practitioners to perform their roles in accordance to the existing legal requirements that have been spelt by the profession. Other standards that she could be violating are the integrity and credibility since her actions do not portray her willingness to avoid violating these ethical expectations. In fact, in each of her thoughts she finds more reasons to explain why she should accept the deal with John and in return award Light Manufacturing the acceptance to go ahead and be their company’s vendor.

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