Ethics in information Technology

The class and book is called “Ethics in information Technology Third Edition”

Course description
“This course offers extensive and topical coverage of the legal, ethical, and societal implications of information technology. Students will learn about issues such as file sharing, infringement of intellectual property, security risks, internet crime, identity theft, employee surveillance, privacy, compliance, social networking, and ethics. Students will gain an excellent foundation in ethical decision making for current and future business managers and it professionals.

The final project will be a 7-10 page paper on the current case, Apple vs. FBI.

Begin your research on the case.

The paper should present the case, historical context, layout Apple’s position, and layout FBI’s position.

Analyze implications of both parties and its impact on privacy, the common good, moral/ethical positions of both sides as well legal implications.

Software development which is very applicable to the Apple vs. FBI case Integrate this topic into the final paper. Chapter 7 & 8.

Use any textbook materials and TED Talks to defend your position.

Remember to craft a personal position and support that position based on ethical and/or moral principles as well as content from readings/TED Talks.

The last part of the paper should contain a list of references used in the paper.

TED talks we had to listen to

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