European Tour Operators (tourism industry).

European Tour Operators (tourism industry).

This subject is Strategic Management.This assignment is also based on the European Tour Operators (tourism industry). For the purposes of this assignment you need to choose a company within this industry. You will also need to access further (and more current) information on the company.

Making Strategy

You are required to write c. 800 words (and no more than 1000 words) in which you:
(a) Describe a noteworthy aspect of your experience applying the Making Strategy process
(b) Explain your experience by drawing on concepts and ideas from the Making Strategy literature
(c) Evaluate your experience in terms of learning for future activity
Your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
20/100 – Concise description of an aspect of your Making Strategy experience
20/100 – Theoretically connected explanation of your described experience
20/100 – Clear and sensible evaluation of learning gained from your experience, which you would pass on
as advice to other managers undertaking making strategy
20/100 – Use of appropriate references, including original reading
20/100 – Appropriate formatting/ presentation and effective writing/communication style

International Marketing 2

Assignment should be 2400-2500 words.

Assignment Task: Consider yourself a Marketing Manager of ADIDAS SPORT COMPANY operating in different countries. You have to critically analyze and evaluate its marketing strategies, applying the principles of international marketing concepts.

I. Introduction about the company and its products.

II. analyze the factors which led to your chosen company to internationalize.

III. List of competitive advantages of being globalized and the impacts and reasons of globalization. Is the company a multinational or global retailer? critically analyze and defend your answer.

IV. Analyze your company on the internationalization life cycle. Explain how you formed your answer.

V. critically analyse whether a buyers attitude towards your products country of origin affects its international strategy.

VI. As globalization develops, there is a shift of production of good to different locations across the world. This is a growing trend in many companies to outsource their labor and manufacturing process. Would you apply this strategy to your company? justify your answer.

VII. Findings and conclusion.

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