Evaluation of Keurig business-level strategy

Evaluation of Keurig business-level strategy

Students are expected to use the Internet to update the current conditions of Keurig as it impacts this case.

Remember a SWOT analysis is NEVER done in the narrative. Do NOT explain your SWOT. Do not use complete sentences. Read the Syllabus to find out more about creating a SWOT. Again, NO narratives, no complete sentences. Bullets or quadrants are preferred.

           A review and evaluation of Keurig’s business-level strategy, competitive rivalry, and SWOT analysis will aid in the discussion and weighing of strategic options available to Keurig. The results of the analysis can then be used to establish and support a strong set of recommendations seeking to ensure a continuation of Keurig’s strong performance and top market position.   

1.Identify Keurig’s business-level strategy. Has the company’s business-level strategy been successful?

2. How does Keurig’s strategy stand up against competitive rivalry in the industry?

3. Review the important elements of Keurig’s external and internal environments. Outline key factors in the SWOT analysis.

4. Weigh the challenges confronting Keurig. What are the greatest risks for Keurig? What recommendations can be made to support Keurig’s growth and profitability objectives?

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