Evidence-Based Research Process

Describe the steps of the evidence-based research process and the importance of using them. In the initial stages of an EBP project, where do nurses in your specialty go to locate sources of information that help them to determine whether or not a practice problem is appropriate for an evidence-based practice change proposal. Include two specific sources on information in your discussion. 250 words not including title page and reference page.

Please address every part of this question

6 steps of evidence based practice,

areas of nursing practice which evidence-based practice has improved patient outcomes,

implementing evidence based practice in nursing care,

steps to implement evidence based practice in nursing,

evidence based practice in healthcare,

evidence based practice nursing,

examples of using evidence based practice in nursing,

why use evidence based practice in nursing,

A bureau uses a lab method to match the lead in a bullet found at a crime scene with unexpected lead cartridges found in the possession of a suspect. The value of this evidence depends on the chance of a false positive-the probability that the bureau finds a match, given that the lead at the crime scene and the lead in the possession of the suspect are actually from 2 different “melts” or sources. To estimate the false positive rate, the bureau collected 1,882 bullets that the agency was confident all came from different melts. Then using the established criteria the bureau examined every possible pair of bullets and found 613 matches. Use this information to compute the chance of a false positive.
_% please round to 4 decimal places

“Access Control”

All aspects of a business are vital, though some have more impact on the bottom line. Permissions and access control are given based on what users need and not on what they want. This is called the policy of least privilege. Based on this week’s reading, answer the following question:

Mistakes happen, even when creating users. In your opinion, if a user is given more access than they need and use it to traverse to sections of the network that are not part of their job responsibilities, who is liable if trade information is stolen? Justify your answer. Outline the steps you would take to ensure proper access control is being maintained and users have the correct rights. Using the Internet, look for an article on a recent breach in access control. Summarize the article, the event, and the issue that created the breach. What steps would you have taken in a similar situation?
Additional post option: How often should access controls be audited?

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