Expanding the Warehouse Facilities for a Retail Business

You manage a team that is undertaking a project to expand the warehouse facilities for a retail business.

Objectives of the project are:

  1. Increase storage capacity for stock by 50%
  2. Improve accessibility by forklift operators for day to day stock movement
  3. Improve safety for pedestrian traffic within the warehouse.

A project plan has been established and consists of the following basic phases:

Phase 1: Relocate stock from the western end of the warehouse to a temporary container next to the existing facility.

Phase 2 a): Contractors to construct an extension to the western end of the warehouse.

Phase 2 b): Workflow and traffic flow processes to be reviewed and improved in consultation with all warehouse workers.

Phase 3: Warehouse traffic and workflow areas to be delineated by painting and signs erected.

Phase 4: Stock to be reorganised into the new warehouse configuration.


  1. Using the risk register template provided below, you are to identify and document at least 1 risk associated with each of the project phases. Remember to consider all risks that have the potential to effect the success of this project including: economic, reputation, natural events, legal, technology.
  1. For each risk you have identified complete the other fields within the table so that you have completed:
  • A risk assessment of each risk.
  • Suggested controls for each risk.
  • Specified who you would need to consult with internally and externally regarding each risk.
  • Legislation or regulatory support materials that should be referred to when controlling of the risk.
  • Recorded the residual risk for each risk.

An example for phase 1 has been included to get you started.

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