For your assignment, follow the four steps below to evaluate student responses (you may print the referenced documents if you wish):

1. Review Question 1 from the 2003 AP Language and Composition Exam.

2. Now, review the sample student responses. Based on your knowledge of the AP Language Scoring Guide, try to guess how each student scored.

3. Then, review the actual scores with commentary.

4. Answer the following questions, using complete sentences and specific details to support your answers:

A. How close did you come to guessing the correct scores? If you were correct, what observations did you and the AP readers share? If you were incorrect, what observations did the AP readers express that you might have missed?

B. What are the primary differences between EE and CC? How could the lower-scoring essay have been improved by at least one level?

C. If you were assigned this essay question, would you defend, challenge, or qualify the assertion presented? Why?

D. Outline the evidence you would use to support your position in response to this prompt. Identify whether your evidence comes from your reading, personal experience, or observations, and then briefly explain the evidence you would use.

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