Exploring the Theme in the Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The selected work of fiction is “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.

Write a 1,100 word paper that discusses why your selected work is a representative example of the dark fantasy genre.

Include a discussion of the following:
– Where would you situate the beginning of the modern fantasy and science fiction story? Explain.
– What are common conventions and themes of dark fantasy? How have they changed over the years?
– What are the elements of characterization, plot, setting, and language in dark fantasy stories? How have these changed over the years?
– What is the relationship between the conventions, themes, and elements of dark fantasy and the historical, cultural, and political contexts in which they were written? Provide examples.

The directions for this assignments are very detailed and ask for several things. Treat these more as guides. You do not have to get everything in the paper. I am most interested in the arguments you make for why the author(Shirley Jackson) and story (“The Lottery) are good examples of the genre (Dark Fantasy).

Also, remember that your thoughts and reasons why the story is an example of the genre (Dark Fantasy) is what is most important (the stars of your paper). Give your analysis and use examples to support your thoughts. Do not summarize the plot.

Cite at least two references. (Please no Wiki, Litchart, SparkNotes, or anything of those cites)

Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines. (Note: Students who are not enrolled in the BA in English program may use APA formatting without penalty.)


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