Who are we?

We are renowned academic essay writing, proofreading and editing company. Best Academic Experts provides students with first-class academic writing and editing services they can always rely on for the highest caliber work and customer services. Our services cover the entire spectrum of academic subjects from Accountancy to Anthropology, and every academic level from GCSE to PhD. We pride in the growing team of highly qualified academic researchers, writers and editors to assist you with all of your academic needs.

Best Academic Experts employs MSc and PhD graduates from universities all around the world to provide essay services that meet each client’s requirements. Each of our writers has excelled within the higher education system and therefore knows exactly what is expected of you when submitting work to your university tutor. Whatever you require, whether it be a model essay, literature review, book report, dissertation proposal, statistical analysis, PowerPoint presentation, paper outline, or exam revision notes, we always provide fully customized documents that are written from scratch and guaranteed to be 100% original.

Is your service confidential?

While placing an order with our company you will be asked to provide such personal information as your name, phone number and email address. Nevertheless, please note that using Best Academic Experts is totally confidential and we do not distribute your personal information to the third parties. It is very important for you to know that support team may contact you using only particular phone number(s) stated on our website.

Is it safe to make payments through your site?

This is a common FAQs among our new clients. It is absolutely safe to make payments using our site. Best Academic Experts cooperates with Pay Pal to ensure safety and speed of your money transfer, which is a world known company for the quality of their service. The online payment method is legally registered and has completed thousands of money transfer operations for people and companies throughout the years. After you fill out the order form, you will be offered to use one of the Pay Pal payment option. Upon clicking on the option, it will take you to the company’s web page where hints and tips will guide you through an easy process of completing the payment for our service. In only a couple of minutes, we receive the funds and start working on your order to give you a high quality academic assistance. To learn more you can visit Pay Pal web pages or contact us through our messaging platform and our support will get back to you soonest possible.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is money back guarantee. We believe if you aren’t happy with your paper we will revise it until you’re happy. Once you get your paper back we will ask you if you’re fully satisfied. If we can’t come to a compromise we will happily send you a refund as we haven’t done our job correctly.

What we will not do is offer a refund if you entered incorrect instructions. Once our writer begins, working on the order you cannot cancel it and receive a refund. Please remember our writers are freelance professionals and it is not fair on them if clients suddenly cancel when they have already finished the order.

What are the credentials of my writer? What is my writer’s degree?
Our professional writing staff consists of writers with various academic degrees, from Master’s to Ph. D level writers, arranged in a number of specializations. Such arrangement allows us to individually choose a writer who fits the exact requirements for writing a particular paper. To ensure the quality of our service, we carefully investigate each writer’s skills set, based on the following structures:

  • Academic and professional experience;
  • Results of the writer’s online written English test and writer’s application essay;
  • The score in a particular field of study that the writer has gained, while working for Best Academic Experts ;
  • Writer’s current availability and his willingness to complete a particular paper for our customer.

Can I choose my preferred writer? 

If you are a returning customer with our company, you have an opportunity to request the writer who has previously completed an order for you. When placing an order, you need to click on the “I want a specific writer” option and choose that writer from the drop-down list. Make sure you do that in the way indicated above, so that the writer you want gets assigned. If you fail to request a specific writer using the button, there is no guarantee that your particular writer will be assigned.

Where is my writer from?

We employ writers from all over the world, varying from English native speakers (ENL) to non-native speakers with good command of English. All of our writers demonstrate a sufficient command of English and a good understanding of other subjects, so all customers can be sure to obtain the writing quality that corresponds to their academic level, even if their paper is completed by a non-native speaker.

If the native speaking writer is currently not available for completing a paper in any particular specialization, the paper can be completed by a non-native speaking writer, whose knowledge of English still corresponds to the highest TOEFL level mark.

Can I talk to the writer who will be writing my paper?
You will be able to communicate with the writer by sending messages from your Personal order page. You should also be getting an email notification about every new message received from the writer. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to check your personal page directly from time to time in case writer has any questions regarding your order.

Do you guarantee plagiarism free papers?

This is among the most common FAQs among our new clients. All of our papers are original. We have our own plagiarism detection system that easily detects any kind of Internet plagiarism. Unlike popular plagiarism detection systems, which are used by Universities (ex. Turnitin.com), we do not report to any public databases, therefore such checking is safe. Our company provides a ‘plagiarism-free’ guarantee that ensures your paper to be checked for its uniqueness. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there is no paraphrased text in the document you receive.

Do you have a database of previously written essays?

No, we do not have such a database. All papers you order from us are original and are written from scratch.

What is the format of your custom academic papers?

All our academic papers come in accepted academic format: 1-inch margins on all sides, 275 words per page, formatted with 12 point Times New Roman/Arial font, double-spaced. If you need special formatting for your paper, please include these requirements in the “Paper instructions” box on the order page.

When will I receive my custom paper?

This is a common FAQs among our new clients. When you place an order with Best Academic Experts, you can choose from a great variety of delivery options and in this way determine your deadline for the paper to be completed. The time is calculated automatically from the moment we receive the payment in our system. For example, if you pay for an order at 6 P.M. on Monday and choose a 2 days delivery option, you will receive your custom paper by 6 P.M. on Wednesday.

To ensure the quality of your paper and conduct the in-depth research, the writer requires sufficient amount of time. Therefore, please choose the most suitable deadline when you place an order.

What should I do if I haven’t received my custom paper by the deadline?

Contact us immediately. You can either write a message on your order page, or enter live-chat, or call us. Our operator will carefully examine your order and will assist you with it right away. The reasons may vary from time to time. It can happen that you have entered a wrong email address or your SPAM filter does not allow you to receive emails from us. It is also possible that the writer is waiting for your reply and cannot continue working without your assistance, or we are checking the work for plagiarism. Contact us in the first place if you have any problem with getting the order on time. Such cases are however few since we always strive to make sure your paper is ready before deadline.


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