“farce called grading”

a response to essay “farce called grading”

For your second essay of this semester, you will write a fully integrated position paper (3-4 typed pages, plus a references page) in response to one of the position essays from the following list. That is, your essay will include summary( the beginning of the essay,first paragraph) and direct quotes (paraphrase if necessary) from the essay you are discussing, and you must take a position on that essay’s position. You can argue for or against the writer’s thesis, or possibly somewhere in between, but your thesis must state a clear opinion on your position.
As with any documented essay, you must include parenthetical citations and a references page. Follow APA documentation style. You must use the primary source which is the essay you’ve chosen to argue for or against; in addition, you will need to include at least two secondary sources that address the issue raised in your primary source. These secondary sources could be from a book, a periodical, an encyclopedia, or an on-line source, but they must have an author, a title, and a year of publication. Stay away from sources such as Wikipedia, which can be inaccurate and offer little or no bibliographic information.
Remember that for a position paper to be convincing, it must argue for its position by giving readers strong reasons and solid support. It should also consider counter-arguments. In order to do this you must analyze the writer’s essay carefully. After reading the position paper several times, ask yourself where you stand on the issue. Do you agree? Disagree? Are there some passages that you agree with and others you don’t? Is the writer’s essay convincing? Why or why not? Answers to these questions will lead you to writing your own reasoned response.

Write a lesson plan for conversation activity

Basic lesson plan activity, you can assess EFL or ESL to follow their plan but not use the exact plan.

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