Feedback loop that the thirst mechanism uses

Feedback loop that the thirst mechanism uses

Feedback loop that the thirst mechanism uses


You will need to answer all questions completely.

1. On a hot day, we can become dehydrated. Using your knowledge of feedback loops, describe the type of feedback loop that the thirst mechanism uses. You can choose to rehydrate with water, a sports drink or beer. Choose which is the best (and why) and discuss the pros and cons of each.

2. You go in for an eye exam and are found to have ASTIGMATISM. Describe what this means (include physical changes to the eyes) and how it would be corrected.

3. In diabetes mellitus, not enough insulin is produced to regulate blood glucose. Explain the outcome of uncontrolled diabetes in terms of urine output, urine concentrations and ways that the body will attempt to correct this imbalance. If these imbalances are NOT corrected, what will be the eventual outcome?

4. Reproduction requires development and maturation of the gametes. Explain in detail (including timing of each step) spermatogenesis, oogenesis and folliculogenesis from start to finish.

5. Mary had a tubal ligation last year. What does this mean? What are some possible complications of the procedure? Explain the difference between STERILE and INFERTILE in regards to reproduction and determine which one Mary is.

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