Film Analysis; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Film Analysis; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Even though this assignment is focused on these two clips , you are expected to watch the entire film (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon dir. Ang Lee, 2000 )
Include a brief plot summary in your essay that contextualizes the clips. Your paper should discuss how the elements of the clips (shots, lighting, objects, characters, plot, etc.)
– express the concept of multiple China(s) that we have been examining in class.

Analyze these two clips:

Things to think about: (focus on the two clips)

The overall plot of the film, the genre of the film, references to other films, the biographies of the actors and directors, the material culture visible in the clips, how close ups and panning shots used? Who is the intended audience? Where did the film first screen? Is there non-diegetic sound? What type of music is added?

if you reference a source, please use Chicago style formatting for footnote

In the film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Several climax scenes are shown before the film ends. One notable scenes is the duel between Shu Lien and Jen in a bid to secure the Green destiny (an old sword that has been in existence for more than 300 years and only those who are thought worthy have the privilege to use it). Jen, the governor’s daughters stole the sword from Sir Te’s estate and hopes to keep the sword as she deems herself fit to use it. Shu Lien in return advises her that her actions have already caused enough shame to her family and she needs to give back the sword quietly. In their argument, Jen challenges Shu Lien to take the sword from her and they engage in a fight. [1] Shu Lien manages to win although she spares Jen who in return injures her arm and runs away as Mu bai interrupts their fight. Mu bai follows her to the forest and engages Jen in a new challenge. [2]

[1] Monkey, King, 卧虎藏龙 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [BEST Fight Scene], Online Film, Ang Lee. 2000. Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States and China, Sony Pictures Classics, Feb 27, 2010. FLV.

[2] Xcjustin, Fight in Bamboo Forest (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Online Film, Ang Lee. 2000. Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States and China, Sony Pictures Classics, Feb 27, 2010. AVI


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