Films on Demand Sociology Collection

Films on Demаnd: Sociology Collection

Revіew the list оf Films on Demаnd: Sociology Collection: Social Institutions to select and watch one video from each of the following categories listed: family, education, and religion.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay.
Include the following in your рaper:
-Prepare an introduction that identifies the major social institutions in society and why they are important.
-Describe each video and the social institutions it addresses.
-Identify any relevant models of power structure or political behavior that might be influential.
-Explain the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives on the family, religion, and education. Which perspective does each film use to discuss the institution?
-Explain specific examples from the videos.
-Provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of the essay and describes how these institutions have influenced you.
Format your references according to appropriate course level APA 6 guidelines.

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