Final Examination chemistry

Final Examination – chemistry

Final Examination

We have seen how chemistry is vitally important in our understanding of human physiology. Select a one of the following molecules:




nucleic acids

Write your paper on the molecule of choice. Include the composition of the molecule and the bonds found in that molecule. What are its properties? What are the monomers? How is the molecule synthesized and broken down? Does it have varying forms? If so what are they and what are the different properties? What is the molecules role in bioenergetics? What is its biological importance to man in terms of human physiology?

You would need at LEAST 5 pages in order to include all of this information. Use a minimum of five sources to document your paper (four others aside from your text book)!

Please note: Copying and pasting work directly from the web, even if you cite it, is plagiarism.  For a work to be your own, you need to paraphrase the information you find online.  This means changing the words and sentence structure.  This work is 35% of your final grate (E.g., if it doesn’t count you can’t pass the course) so please do your own work and contrubute your own ideas. 

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