Final Section of Study–What Have You Learned?

Compare and contrast delirium and dementia in the ageing population

The assignment should address in essay format the following health considerations for the ageing population with delirium and/or dementia

Briefly compare and contrast the clinical presentation of delirium and dementia
Briefly explain the differences in underlying pathophysiology of dementia and delirium including treatment options currently used
Research alternative options from acute hospital emergency department care for the older population with dementia requiring treatment for non-life threatening conditions
Discuss 3 health promotion strategies to minimise the onset dementia and prevent the onset of delirium.

Presentation – Subheadings maybe used however not necessary. Please provide a title at the beginning of your essay (no title page). No dot points, tables or diagrams.

References must be presented in APA 6th Referencing Style with at least 12 references including 5 peer reviewed research articles. References should be less than 10 years old.

Final Section of Study–What Have You Learned? (Weeks 14-15)

The goal of this final section is to reflect on your learning in a number of areas, and to write in an essay of about 500 words. Your reflection essay should be guided by the following five questions:
1.What have you learned about American history?
2.What have you learned about doing history; that is, about being an historian and dealing with documents and interpretations?
3.What insights have you gained about happiness, and about how it relates to what you have learned about people in different times and places thinking about happiness?
4.How have your own choices, including how your own educational choices are informed by your assumptions about happiness? Especially for those of you also using this study as part of Educational Planning, this is a second opportunity to ask how what you have learned might help you think about your planning your Empire State College education. For example, do any of the ideas about happiness that you have uncovered help you to think about your personal, academic, and/or professional goals? Have you come across others ways to think about happiness (or its absence) that have affected your own way of thinking about your own life? Hopefully you will have already collected some preliminary ideas about these things when you “paused to reflect” during Weeks 6-7. (It could be possible that some of your ideas from this essay are directly applicable to the writing of the Rationale Essay for your degree program.)
5.What new questions or new concerns about happiness as a topic in your life and in our lives today have emerged for you as a result of this study?

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