Connecticut Dance School Finance and Management

Connecticut Dance School Finance and Management

Connecticut Dance School

The Connecticut Dance School was established by Elizabeth Gaynor in 1970 as a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to offering dance education to the Connecticut community. The school is located at Halley Ct, Fairfield, Connecticut USA. The school has about 300 students. The students in CDS range in age from 3 years through adult age coming from communities in USA (Connecticut Dance School, 2016). When a dancer is selected to join the school, they are required to pay a $30 registration fee. On average the school charges $16.24 per ballet (from creative 1 and 2 to Ballet 10).

Ballet Etudes Company

Ballet Eludes was established in 1986 by Sharon Seder to meet the artistic needs of you dancers. The company is located at Westport Ave, Norwalk in the United States. The members of the company are selected in an open audition by the adjudicators on every August. When selected the dance is supposed to meet the same high artistic standards of the professional company in their dance training, performances and rehearsals (Ballet Etudes Company, 2016). Upon selection, the dancers’ pays $35 registration fee and the first semester starts at February and ends on June. Ballet Eludes charges on average $23.27 per every ballet (from pre-Ballet to Ballet 4).

Ballet School of Stamford

Ballet school of Stanford charges $35 registration fee. The school has 5 level of teaching that is preparatory, lower school, intermediate school, pre-professional school and open class. On average the school charges $19.41 per every level (ranging from creative movement to advanced dancing stage).

Comparisons between the Schools Financials

Ballet school of Stamford (BSS) total assets amount to $31, 675, annual income amount to $401, 491, liabilities are valued at $27, 928 and the expenses of the school amount to $366, 007. The Connecticut Dance School Inc. (CDS) has $246, 746 assets, $ 466, 538 income, $ 436, 738 expenses, and $4669 liabilities. On the other hand, Ballet Eludes has the net assets valued at $25, 700, net income amounting to $101, 794, expenses amounts $108, 153, and $0 liabilities. This shows that BSS had $ 35, 484 net profit, CDS had a net profit of $29, 800 and BEC had $-6359 profit.

This shows that BEC had the lowest profit in 2014 due to high expenses.

While BSS charges $35 registration fee, CDS charges $30 and BEC charges $35. All the three schools offer a 19 weeks dancing course. While BSS charges on average $19.41 per each level, CDS charges $16.24 and BEC charges $23.27. This shows that the charges in the three school do not have a big variation, but the profitability difference is slightly high. This means that BSS School does not have an optimal financial management strategy.

What Ballet School of Stamford Could Learn From other schools

While CDS has a liability amounting $4669, BEC does not have liability and BSS has $27, 928 in liabilities. This means that the company should lower its high dependence on debt to finance its activities. High reliance on debt leads to high-interest payment obligations which increase expenses and lowers profitability. On additional the company should adopt expenses and costs management strategy that will help it to have high profitability for the same sales. BSS improve its assets utilization like the CDS where it should ensure optimal utilization of each asset.


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