Personal finance management is imperative for a student especially given the volatility of the economy in the world which affects the price of commodity ultimately affecting the individual living standards. Financial management would ensure that I have a smooth learning experience at the University. Balancing between my spending and my incomes will ensure that I do not over rely on one source of income while ta the same time ensure that I have managed the larges weekly and monthly expenses. According to Garman and Forgue (2011) financial independence for a student does not necessarily mean that one does not rely on other sources of income, rather it means that the person can plan, and allocate the amount of money available to the emerging and primary needs of students. In financial management prioritizing of the activities that will consume much of the income and which cannot be avoided should be given a central position (Danes and Hira, 2007).

Given the importance of financial management this reports presents my weekly and monthly bifacial management over the period between August 2015 and Mya 2015. The financial management plans look at the expected income and the expected expenses over this period. The surplus or the deficit of the income and expenses is used to develop a strategy that will ensure that I have gone through the period without running out of cash or maintaining too much cash. Maintaining too much possess a danger of misuse and, therefore, future financial crisis. On the other hand, too little cash means that some of the primary activities will not be carried out efficiently and effectively. The report starts by looking having an over about the budget.

The following segment looks at my financial management strategy using the developed budget. The financial management plan highlights the factors that will be put into consideration while working managing my finances.

  1. Creating a budget

Budget is instrumental in financial management as it helps to plan, set target, and project the expected income and expenses (Scapens, 2006). I have developed a budget for one week which shows that in overall I earn £595 a week, and I spend £ 365.56. This leaves me with a surplus of £ 229.44. This means…………………………….

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