Fintech and its impact on financial services

Fintech and its impact on financial services

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Here is a layout of the paper outline that should be followed:
1. The title of the paper (cover page for the thesis)
2. Table of content (please type the table manually and do no do the automatic table that links page numbers to chapters of the thesis)
3. One paragraph explaining the methodology that is used to deliver the thesis
4. Executive Summary
5. Introduction
6. Body
(note: The Body should be divided into chapters as such: Part 1 Roman Figures and then chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3, Part 2 then Chapter 1, 2, etc)
The body should have argumentative analysis that is well structured
Ideas in the body should have both theory and practical impacts
7. Conclusion
8. Recommendations
9. Bibliography – not just websites , books too ( APA style )
10. References and Footnotes (please link footnotes to bibliography)
11. Appendices

Here are the ideas we expect the paper to cover:
– What is Fintech?
– Where and when did fintech first start? Which jurisdiction? History?
– How did fintech impact financial services? Pro’s Vs Cons?
– How did Fintech affect the economy ? Include Challenges
– What is the size of the market ? how big is the Fintech industry? Please add diagrams with statistics and charts (you can do charts on market size in value $ and charts on countries that have Fintech by country name, also add a chart on fintech industry growth over years)
– Which countries are with Fintech? Which countries are still behind or against it? This can also be nicely demonstrated on a map with color code of countries with/against.
– Regional development in Fintech industry (GCC)
– is the market for Fintech mature in Abu Dhabi/Dubai?
– What has Abu Dhabi Global Markets done to support Fintech (please look up their website) Process of start-ups Reg Lab , Sandbox. (
– what is Abu Dhabi Global Market Regulatory Lab ( Process ), here is a link to help you:
– What is a REG LAB and who is it for and how does the Reg Lab work ?
– which jurisdiction is the best for developing your fintech idea?
– Differences between different Jurisdictions approach on Fin Tech
– Who are the biggest Global players in Fintech? Please add examples (wechat, paypal, etc? )
– What are new regulations that evolved to manage this industry? If yes which countries
– what is UAE position on these regulations (check Abu Dhabi global market to look up Abu Dhabi position on this)
– The role of technology in Fintech?
– How has Fintech supported SME’s?
-Commercializing fintech (from concepts to market)
– Social economic benefits of Fintech
– what is the eco-system needed to support the success of Fintech?
– what is the position of banks and regulators on Fintech? Has it complimented bank services or became the competition of banks?
– What are regulators positions on Fintech? are Regulators supporting Fin Tech Startups?
– What are examples of products in Fintech startups today? ( Success Stories)
– How is cryptocurrency linked to Fintech? What is block chain? Where is it going? how does it stand today? What is the potential of this industry?
– How the business world is reacting to Fintech? Caution or aggressive entrants? Highly competitive or still not mature?
– what are critical aspects of new Fintech environment that must be understood
– Changes in market conditions, shifts in consumer demands and behaviors towards Fintech
– what are fintech trends that emerged recently?
– Example of thriving products such as moving banks, mobile payments, digital advisory, etc (please list examples and write a short paragraph on each example)
– The future of Fin Tech ? is it the next revolution in the financial world?
– Challenges that rised from Fintech?
– Risks that could be faced ?
– How can it be better regulated.
– recommendations on future of Fintech industry
– conclusion

Here are additional notes from my professor on the thesis expected:
– no plagiarism
– good presentation of information
-sources should be reliable ( mix of books, articles, websites)
– thesis should have good quality of argumentation
– these should combine both theory and practical impact analysis
– footnotes should be linked to bibliography
– can add list of abbreviations in the end

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