Flow chart for mulitimedia


Flow chart for mulitimedia

is a flow chart of an existing project. It should be about my project and nothing else! (so ne refrences) I attached my project paper and also attached an example of the flow chart. The flow chart should look like the example.




  • you will explore the architecture of your intended multimedia project. Create a preliminary flowchart of the flow of content in your project. Include every page the user will interact with and a clear architecture of the flow of all pages or screens.




  • Research your multimedia project and create a preliminary flowchart for your concept. You can create your flowchart using a wide variety of software applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, or Microsoft PowerPoint.




  • The flowchart should demonstrate the architectural flow of your entire project. Include every page the user will interact with.




  • Keep your project simple. Your flowchart should show 5 to 7 pages (windows) in the website for your course project.




  • Briefly describe the navigation structure and functionality of your project on the same page as the flowchart. Discuss how the global navigation and any supplemental navigation will work in your project. Remember to discuss the text navigation in the footer that mirrors your global navigation, should it be utilized.
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