Fluency and rhythm.

The paper should be a maximum of 1500 words.

Your introduction can explain what you think the question is concerned with, and where questions are ambiguous clarify your reading of them, how you intend to answer and what you are defending. You are guiding the reader into your interpretation, without stating the obvious, just by establishing your parameters.

Draw on at least 4 relevant module readings from the module outline

(I can use newspaper articles if I want, UK guardian is good)

The main content of the essay is where you present your case and defend it from counter claims and challenges to your interpretation. If you are discussing an issue, you don’t need to set out every possible argument for or against it in a merely rhetorical manner. Avoid listing points and try to construct a coherent narrative to persuade the reader that these are important issues to be engaging with, by means of reasoned argument and evidence. While there are other arguments to be used, this is your interpretation and what you think is of most significance for anyone trying to understand the issues the essay addresses.

Remember to include signposts to link together the different arguments you wish to set out, so that when moving from one point to the next you link them by a sentence telling the reader why you are making the move.

Use of anecdotal or indeed no evidence (opinionated one-liners, hearsay, etc.). To avoid this remember to use references and always acknowledge the sources of your information, this shows that you have researched the topic as well as thought about it.

Another point, my teacher made some notes on the title of the essay saying;

This is a general question asking you to argue FOR or AGAINST something (or find a middle path where the answer is TWO things).
Define harmonious, NO society is ever without conflict so basically is harmonious a society without obvious conflict – not really this can be a military dictatorship?
How might you evidence harmony or conflict – markets, DOL, BREXIT, Trump, EU, globalisation, decline in industrial conflict, rise in inequality, sense of society as fair? etc but be careful NOT to slip into opinion! .
What readings might you use? Who suggests harmony and who conflict? How might you evaluate these different arguments, what issues will you focus on, do writers compare and contrast in views? References.

Preferably I would like a for and against argument because i think it is clearer. Also using an example in the essay such as BREXIT, I think maybe we should only use one? as opposed to using brevet, trump, EU, globalisation and etc. Please let me know what you think?

Marking criteria


The following criteria are the outcome of discussion with the students of previous years. Your written work is marked by two members of staff and audited by an external examiner.


Grade Criteria
70%+1st Independent research (in the form of the use of sources in addition to the ones suggested; examples from other modules; experience).Critical evaluation of the material presented (critique intended as outlining the limits of a chosen position from the standpoint of its method or/and applicability).
60% +2:1 Fluency and rhythm.Interesting and well laid out structure for the arguments.

Clear and concise exposition.

Analysis and interpretation.

50% +2:2 Explanation and description.Demonstration of an adequate understanding of lectures and readings.

Close reliance on received information.

Sufficient ability to present logical arguments.

45% – 49%3rd Poor understanding of the material presented.Little evidence of independent analysis.

Poor organisation of ideas.

Potential for improvement.

Fail Based solely on the markers’ judgement a work possessing none, few or an incoherent mix of the above.
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