Forecasting Model For A Software Development Company

Develop a forecast model for a software development company.

Part 1:

Obtain the most recent financial statements (the annual report or Form 10-K) for a software development company from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Web site (

Part 2:

Using your Small Group Discussion Board, discuss and decide upon the best ratios for creating a forecast model for sales through operating income.

Part 3:

Develop a forecast model for sales through operating income. Create the forecast in Excel. In a Word document, describe the set of assumptions (ratios) you used, and explain how you justify them.

Bonus Question

Why is it important for an MA or Billing and Coding professional to learn both methods of maintaining medical records? Do you have a preference of one method over the other?

Using your own words, discuss the advantages and challenges of utilizing Electronic Medical Records in medical practice.

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