Fortune 500 company essay

Transfer risk knowledge inside manufacturing industry (Comprehensive analytical case study)

Assignment Description

Our problem is :
To apply knowledge management through IT systems and communication and share knowledge
to manage the enterprise risk .
(assume we will consider our company to be general manufacturing company)

Our paper methods:
I suggest implement KM on all firm level to spread Knowledge culture to enhance communication which will enhance controlling and managing risks.

1- risk management will be improved through KM (risk type is strategic and operational)
2-need of use IT along with transferring and sharing knowledge between employees(via collaboration and effective communication)
Our paper will:
Define Knowledge management+ risk management and link them
Implementation of KM in RM (discussion employee involvement)
Benefits in risk management section in organization performance
Limitation and challenges(Barriers&requirements)

Adaptation of European brands in Asia: whether brand image needs to change.

A research proposal for ” Adaptation of European brands in Asia: whether brand image needs to change.

Fortune 500 company essay

Component B
This element accounts for 50% of your final mark. To complete this assignment you must produce a 1,500 +- 10%) word essay based on a company of your choice from the Fortune Global 500 list of companies []. The word count excludes the bibliography. The only constraints on your choice of organization are that normally you should not choose an organization on the list which is being used for case study work in the module, or in any other modules. If you have any queries about this consult your tutor. (Do not use HSBC)

Broadly you are interested in how the organization’s strategy meets geography to influence its competitive performance. Your task is to examine how your chosen organization manages to achieve global competitive advantage. You are expected to employ FOUR COMPONENTS [Home country, Supplier country, Customer country, and Partner country] of Spulber’s (2007) “Star analysis” framework to structure your work. This assessment task requires you to evaluate the global competitive strategy of the organization based on all the four components of the framework.

Please note: This assignment is not a star analysis. You are only expected to use the prescribed four components of the star analysis framework as an organizing device to structure your essay.

The word count excludes the bibliography. Please avoid using appendices- the inclusion of any essential figures and tables in the body of the assignment is preferred.

The key to doing well is to demonstrate that you can discuss theoretical ideas and apply these in an analysis of an organization. The organization may be of any size and established in global markets. Your ability to select a relevant case organization is part of the assignment; therefore, please don’t ask which organization to choose.

The essay MUST be based on secondary sources, i.e. using newspapers, databases, journal articles and websites rather than primary research which would involve actually talking to firms. If you decide to carry out research directly with your chosen organization (e.g. through interviews with organizational members) you will need ethics clearance from the faculty’s ethics committee and this does not sit until after your assignments are due in!

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