Front End Developer or a software Engineer

Who is Front End Developer or a software Engineer ? What does he do?

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Having looked at the current trends in the market, I hope to be a software engineer in the future. Software engineers usually apply engineering techniques to design and come up with software products depending on the situation and the needs that the software needs to address. These engineers process information and think in terms of the machines in order to find ways to make new creations or use the existing infrastructure but make alterations on the software components to enable these software deliver results. The task of software engineers also spans to being able to analyze the software codes made by other individuals to find mistakes or what may be referred to as the bugs and which affects how systems will perform.

While software engineers may be viewed as small branch that is yet to really be known, the nature of the future positions these engineers to be able to play a role in almost every sector. Their tasks will range from developing software for other institutions, to redesigning those system components that have become redundant and need alteration to fulfill new upcoming interests of organizations. As a future engineer, I hope I will be able to play this role as a designer and a programmer. I always should be accessible at any day and as such, my phone and car need to be able to play the function of an office with a high level of internet connectivity so I may easily accessible.

How I will be Inputting Data

            Today, engineers often rely on various platforms to input their data and to set up the systems depending on their programming preferential language. Each language has specific platforms that allow for the inputting of data into systems for mechanization and analysis prior to their use and applications for the output function. In Java, these are the NetBeans and JDK platforms (Stephens, 2015). The computers whether they are the laptops, desktops or tablets they are the main data entry points. The data can be stored in any of these devices although the size of the software modules determines the most appropriate place where such storage should be done. The facts that are inputted in these computers are mainly what are referred to as strings. They are a set of commands/instructions that dictate how program should be able to perform. In each of these programs, there exists mistakes, which may arise in terms of the structure of a code, or the support attributes of other units of a code. As a software engineer, my job will be to input the data, while looking out for ways in which I can do away with any ambiguities to enable the program deliver with no hitches.

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