Fundamentals of Business Communication Email Announcement

Fundamentals of Business Communication Email Announcement Imagine the following scenario and write a Business Communication Email Announcement:

You are planning a series of trainings for your team of employees on best practices in workplace communication. Your first step is to send out an email highlighting the topics of your upcoming series of trainings.

Write a 600- to 700-word message directed at your employees that discusses the topics to be covered in the upcoming trainings.

Apply the fundamentals of the three-step writing process as you write your message.

Include a brief synopsis of the following topics as a part of your message:

  • – How business communication differs from informal or personal communication
  • – Considerations for intercultural communication in the business environment
  • – How ethics applies to business communication
  • – How social media and other digital technologies shape business communication
  • – How to plan, while incorporating ethics, as a part of the three-step writing process

Do not cite or copy any outside sources. This paper should be written entirely in your own words to demonstrate your own knowledge and thinking about the Week 1 topics. I submit all students assignments to the Plagiarism Checker to ensure students have written their own assignments without copying the class materials or outside sources. When you can discuss the course concepts in your own words, then you have really learned them!

Apply appropriate APA formatting.

IMPORTANT: The main thing I look for when grading assignments is for students to demonstrate what they learned about the weekly ENG 135 course concepts. It is recommended to review the relevant textbook chapters while preparing your assignments.

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