Game Review

For this assignment you are asked to play and evaluate a computer game. You are free to choose any platform and game genre that you like. The criteria for evaluation are as follows:

You need to discuss the features that define your choice as a game:
• What are the rules?
• What is the goal?
• What is the play environment?
• What is the notional reality (pretending) of the game?

You should identify and discuss which of the following psychological aspects your chosen game
• Quest
• Learning
• Task Management
• Challenge
• Competition
• Thrill

Finally, rate the game on the following criteria:
• Innovation – How creative and technically unique is the game?
• Fun Factor – How intense, exciting, and entertaining are the attributes of the game?
• Production Quality – how engaging is the functionality and thematic execution?

You will need to justify your statements and evaluate the game with a critical eye. This is NOT intended as a commercial review. You will be addressing this as an academic paper.

Please be specified about the game you choose

Sample paper

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Developed by Criterion Games in 2012, Need for Speed Most Wanted (Also known as Most Wanted) is an open-world racing game built with nonlinear game-play, which allows different players to view game challenges in different sequences. Most Wanted is available worldwide for Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. Need for Speed Most Wanted challenges players to rise and become the most elusive and notorious street racer, by outracing rivals, evading cops and exploiting miles of open roads to climb up the blacklist of rivals. In order for a player to become the most sought after street racer, they must build up their rap sheet and street credibility with gripping, head to head, white knuckle races against top street race drivers, in addition to exploiting daring evasive moves to out-fox the tactical patrol cops. In the game, players can deal with their pursuit heat by utilizing a couple of strategic tactics to lose cops off their trail as they out race their rivals.

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