Gender Identity

Gender Identity

On finding out that my sex is opposite, I would feel distraught. Changing to opposite sex would mean that I would have to change almost everything that I do start from dressing to talking. Both male and female have different kinds of aspirations, place in the society, and behaviors (Crane, 2012). As such, on finding that I am of opposite gender, I would be upset because I would be required to change the lifestyle that I am used to.

My attitude towards the opposite sex was enlightened in three main ways. First, I learned we have different roles to play in the society and as such, I should not expect opposite gender to see things the way I see them. Second, we are supposed to complement one another and as such, I should try to understand things from opposite sex point of view before criticizing their reasoning (Counihan, 2013). Finally, we are what the society and culture have made as to be, therefore, I should appreciate and respect the way in which the opposite gender play their role.

As a female, I have taken for granted the Patriarchal arrangements and perspectives in the society. I never conceptualized that women find it difficult to have their ideas acknowledged due to a patriarchal culture that we live in (Counihan, 2013). Additionally, I took for granted the fact that women are supposed to dress and behave in a certain ‘feminine’ way. If I were a male my roles at home would change from always been in charge of ensuring the house is well kept, children are well dressed, and guests are warmly welcomed both in office and at home, to taking ‘masculine’ tasks such as supervisory roles.

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