The general business environment analysis of airline industry

The general business environment analysis of airline industry

Find out some high level information about the airline industry. Use the databases and sources of information. How big is it in terms of total revenues, number of companies, major brands and similar information? Which sector? Who are the main competitors? How did it evolve?
Identify the reports, documents and websites where information on the industry can be found.

First point :Industry characteristics and planetary issues
How is it regulated (if at all)?
International standards, regional or national regulations, self-regulated?
What are the key environmental and ecological issues facing the industry?
Environmental issues: waste management, energy use, water use, air pollution, carbon footprint, conservation and recycling, et cetera.
Human issues: customer rights, workforce welfare, et cetera.
Governance issues: transparency and disclosure, diversity and equality, et cetera.
Be careful not to repeat claims made by the industry or companies in it – look for evidence.

second point:
Demographic and socio-cultural
These are slow-moving but often significant factors
Assess the ways in which the population is changing (trends based on statistics) then consider how these changes affect the industry
Assess whether these changes will affect related industries (for example, changes in demand for air travel affects the demand for passenger aircraft)

Nigeria at 54 (What can she say?)

Nigeria at 54 (what can she say?)
My chosen publication for my feature is FORBES AFRICA.

1-Critical analysis research undertaken. This should be approximately 1,000.

This work will form part of the preparation for and evidence of the development of the summative assessment.
(Critical analysis, This document allows you to explain and justify the decisions you have made during the research stages of your feature. It should be written as an academic essay with full referencing and a Bibliography.

The sections marked with an(*) below MUST be covered in this draft of your essay.)
You should apply and cover some critical concepts and frameworks (e.g ideal reader, journalistic and functional genres, representation, development of ideas, target market, market/publication trends, cultural assumptions, preferred meaning, synthetic personalisation, relationship of text producer and consumer etc.). You should be reflective and prepared to engage with the concepts, showing their relevance/not to your particular feature. It might cover some or all of the following:

• *Why this topic?
• *Why this publication?
• *How did you research the publication and what are its main stylistic and functional conventions? Its periodicity? Its sections?
• *Who are your readers? Describe them, their subject position and how your language and style will match their interests, language style and expectations?
• What are the main journalistic and functional genres you will be using? How will these be shown in the structure, tone, content, development of ideas?
• Research – what do you anticipate to be the main sources of information and potential challenges with accessing them?
• What are the main editorial constraints you anticipate?

My idea for my main feature: For my feature article, I will be looking into my country Nigeria and what she has accomplished since the independence in 1960’s. However I will be mainly looking into the issues that she is facing since turning 54 in 2014. I will be speaking about boko haram, the militant group that has become
Nigeria’s worst nightmare and also how ebola came into the country that had already declared a state of emergency. The angle of the feature would be talking about if there is anything worth celebrating at 54 (and the answer is yes) as the country is going through one of its toughest times. This feature is perfect for Forbes Africa because this magazine is focused on issues and people of Africa, this will help me get the target audience which are my fellow Nigerians and Africans in general

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