Global Nursing Issues: What Difference Can Nurse Make

Global Nursing Issues: What Difference Can Nurse Make


Nurses make a great contribution in improving access to cost-effective and quality health care to many people. All nurses have to play their part and use the existing opportunities creatively, and with a clarity of intent, to improve their profession and the lives of millions of people who rely on them. The ensuing parts evaluate the health challenges facing the underdeveloped countries and strategies that nurses can use to overcome them.

Two Challenges Related to Providing Adequate Health Care in Underdeveloped Countries

  1. Very Little or No Access to Insurance

Health insurance coverage is less widespread in underdeveloped countries compared to developed countries. The high rate of poverty in these countries is the main cause of this phenomena. According to World Health Organization (2013), more than 83% of the population in the underdeveloped countries either have limited or no access to health insurance. IMF reinforces this by observing that more than 48.2% of the people in the underdeveloped countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa live below the poverty line, which hinders their ability to access quality health care and sufficient health insurance cover (Cohen et al., 2014).

  1. Limited Or No Drugs Available

Drugs inadequacy is a common feature in most underdeveloped countries. This is caused by low government revenue, poor supply of information, and high government expenditures (Murray, 2016). Most governments in undeveloped countries have a tight budget that cannot sufficiently cater for all the requirements of the population. In this situation, purchase of drugs is given lower priority or allocated insufficient funds. On addition to this, the low-income level of income and high population create a high competition for freely available drugs in these countries.

Strategies that Nurses Might use to address these Challenges

  1. Investing in Civil Education And Running Health Awareness Campaigns

Nurses should invest time and resource to carry out civil education and dissemination on the need to give one’s health a priority, in the underdeveloped……………………..

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