Global Trends And Your Profession

Global Trends And Your Profession

Professional Field: Fashion Merchandising

Global Trend Or Issue: Evolving labor laws and worker unions

Requirements: Must analyze how your professional field is impacted by and is responding to your global trend globally or regionally. It is important to maintain a global perspective. Do not focus specifically on the United States, nor make generalizations based on U.S. data. Here are the questions you should answer.

In what specific ways is your profession being impacted by the global trend, in terms of priorities of the profession, ways it is being practiced, taught, etc.

What are the main viewpoints of leading professionals worldwide regarding this trend? Do differences in location and culture influence how professionals in your field are responding to this trend? In addition to aggregate data if available, use several examples from outside the United States to illustrate your profession’s intersection with and response to the trend and to support your more general points.

What conclusions can you draw about the significance of this trend for your professional field and about how your professional field worldwide is dealing with or responding to this trend?

Tender Project: Sports

Tender Group Project: Sports

Your report will have to contain the following:

Introduction: State what you can offer your client. Outline what is in the report. This section should be brief. (Circa. 200 words)

The Process – Explain what you will do for your client and how you will do it (Circa. 400 words)

The Timetable – Set out your expected timetable for your project. (Circa. 200 words)

Team skills and attributes – Describe your team strengths to your client. Detail the responsibilities of each of your team members. (Circa. 200 words) Team members are Sofia, Maggie & Maryam

Pricing structure – Set out how you will offer your client value for money. (Circa. 200 words)

In the report include this:

-Introduce our team members “Sofia, Maggie and Maryam”
-Introduce our team name “Portsmouth gym center”

-We can offer our clients:
1) Diet Program
2) Healthy lifestyle
3) Place with a lot of trainers
4) Staff who can help clients out on how to use each sport facility
5) Shower rooms, sauna, swimming pool
5) Water dispensers
6) Aqua lessons with special members
7) Competitions one time per 3 months

The Timetable:
– Explain each stage The stages are as following:
• Stage 1: Find a place
Targets to be reached: With a good price
Time Frame: A month

• Stage 2: Approach bank
Targets to be reached: Get a bank loan
Time Frame: Two weeks
• Stage 3: Buy sport faculties and equipment’s
Targets to be reached: Cheap but with good quality
Time Frame: Two weeks

• Stage 4: Hire engineers to build the changing rooms, shower rooms and restrooms
Targets to be reached: Make a deal with the engineers with a reasonable price
Time Frame: 6-7 Weeks

• Stage 5: Get clients attention
Targets to be reached: Convince client to join the project
Time Frame: 3 Weeks

Team Skills & Attributes:
– Describe our team strengths to our clients
– Who will be responsible for what in your team?
– Explain by detail the responsibilities of each team member “Sofia, Maggie & Maryam”
– Responsibilities in the project

Pricing Structure:
– Our total budget (£300,00)
– Describe the prices and cost of each of the offered items


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