Hacker tools and Techniques

Hacker tools and Techniques

Assignment 6 – Hacking tools

Total 30 Points

We have identified a number of software packages that could be used both for legitimate network management purposes as well as for hacking purposes. Depending on the intentions of the user the same feature set available in that package could be used as a sniffer or as a network protocol analyzer to help manage the network. For example, an intrusion detection system and a sniffer might have access to the same type of network transmission data, but the way that data is analyzed and used differentiates these tools.

Choose a network management application that could be used for sniffing or for legitimate network management and configuration purposes. You can choose one of the well-known network protocol analyzers (Ethereal, Wireshark, Snort etc) or choose some other one if you already have some experience with other tools. Research and prepare a short report (at most two pages) identifying the feature set available in such a protocol analysis tool (15 points) . Explain how the same features could be used for hacking purposes as well as for network management purposes (15 points .

Note: Never try these packages on systems/networks you are not authorized to access. To gain hands on experience you can install, configure and run these tools on systems you are legally allowed to access.

However, for the purposes of this assignment, you do not need to install the tools if you have limited access to such systems. You can rely on existing reviews, marketing materials, user guides, manuals, FAQs and discussion postings.

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