Harry Porter

Harry Porter and Linguistics

In what sense(s) can it be convincingly argued that — even more than is the case for most books — J. K. Rowling’s HP series and its invented world (including the characters) are made out of language?

The most amazing aspect that J. K. Rowling’s portrays about her book is the characters that she uses. They are all creation of words and language as the names depict a certain meaning and a deeper sense of understanding. Her use of these characters hopes to exemplify the themes and the personality of these characters. For example, in the book any person who does not possess the power of magic is referred to as a muggle which in a way rhymes with the phrase non-magical. Rowling’s uses characters such as Snape to kill Dumbledore. As one might expect the Dumbledore in the reality world has a meaning of a busy bee just as in the case of the Hp Series where he is the headmaster who organises how the operation of the school will be carried out. Many more cases are visible in the story such as the name Harry porter implies persistently seeking out to carry attacks on the enemy. While other authors might have names that are visible in the current world, Rowling’s use of language is depicted in every aspect of his books.

 The relationship between the world of the HP books as created (out of language) by Rowling and arbitrariness in language(s), especially as regards (parts of) words? 

            Rowling’s Hp Books are products of creativity concerning words. The wizards use these words to hide their meaning encouraging the reader to have more curiosity on events that will follow to set the plot. The language also plays the main component that supports the plot and the expression of the themes. Language is at its best in the  HP books as it is the main thread that has supported the creation of characters. By virtue of various translations on the book, the writer has created a connection on how the expression of language is a useful component in communication. This probably explains why some of the translation the writer has created faces a lot of criticism as they are thought to be a little shady. The writers has carefully selected the words they are to use in the book making it known the ideas to express.

The extent of uttering of taboo words [TWs] in our world sometimes resemble the performing of spells in Rowling’s HP books the ex­tent with which (utterances with) TWs differ from (the uttering of) such spells 

            Uttering of our taboos in most cases implies the same aspects just as the case of spell in the harry porter series. Taboo words are not uttered at any time but rather they are only uttered when the time is right and it is appropriate to mention those words. The Rowling’s HP books replicate the same case as only the spell are cats the time is right and not just any time when it is convenient for the characters. Uttering of the taboo words has the same constraints as they are only allowed in the social context of the society or in cases where they learnt only then can they be mentioned.  Harry porters series depict the same aspect of restraint where Harry and his friends only learn about using the spells when they are at school. The more they learn the basic the deeper it gets and they get an understanding of their tasks that is to save the world. It is the same with taboo words as they are used to save a society.

Nominative determinism, and what does it mean to say Nomen est

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