Hate Crime Analysis

The most recent example of a hate crime case against Muslims involved the shooting of two Muslim young women and a young man by a Hispanic neighbor in Chapel Hill in North Carolina in R v Hick 2015. All the victims succumbed to their injuries. It is believed that the killings were as a result of hate crime. The perpetrator of the crime was believed to be anti-Muslim judging from his prior conduct to the victims and his facebook posts. Although the local authorities claimed that the consequent murders arose out of parking lot disagreements hate crime was evident.  The perpetrator had been constantly threatening one of the victims simply because she always wore a headscarf which is a prerequisite of her religion (Khera, 2015).

Restorative Justice Models

            The Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) is one model that can be used to mitigate religious hate crimes. This is where the offender and the victims hold a physical meeting to discuss their predicaments. The meeting is usually chaired by an experienced mediator who guides the parties through the process. Conferencing is another model of restorative justice that can be used to resolve hate crime related to religion and race. The model involves holding a meeting between the victim and the offender as well as their respective families. During the conference, both parties identify the best manner to settle their dispute.  Their decision is then taken to court for enforcement (Umbreit & Armour, 2011).

Benefits and Challenges of Restorative Justice

            The major benefit of the identified restorative models is their ability to solve the underlying problem between the aggrieved parties. The models ensure that the victim and the offender come into an understanding and find the best way to resolve their dispute. The models takes form of an informal setting hence allows all the participants to contribute ideas freely without any formal restrictions. The main challenge of the models is that the disputing parties…”

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