Project description
The home depot vs. Lowes
Choose a non-financial company and a competitor from the same industry that is closest in size to your chosen company (measured by total assets). For both, your chosen company and its competitor, analyze the following issues over each of the last five years.

1. Covenants Using the companys most recently filed SEC filings in the business database of Lexis Universe,
a.Identify the covenants related to the companys debt contracts. Are these covenants affirmative or restrictive in nature?
b.How close is the company to violating any of the covenants?
c.What is the companys credit rating? Do the covenants require the company to maintain a certain credit rating?

2.Ratio analysis Compute the ratios provided in the lecture slides
c.Operating profitability

Discuss in detail, the trend in these ratios relative to the competitor and across time. What insights can we draw from these financial statement variables regarding the risks to the companys creditors? Include graphs in addition to an appendix with the ratios to illustrate your arguments.

I will upload an example for your reference. However, you only need to do the questions above. Please put tables and graphs as appendix. Thank you!

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