bechdel test ted talk “Here is our Review of the TedTalk my Chimamanda Ngozi and Combined with Several Other stories by the likes of Alison Bech To investigate the dangers of a single Story”

To Investigate the Dangers of a Single Story bechdel test ted talk

“bechdel test ted talk  seeks To investigate the dangers of a single Story Here is our Review of the TedTalk my Chimamanda Ngozi and Combined with Several Other stories by the likes of Alison Bech ”

“TedTalk The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Alison Bechdel The Rule:

The Racial Bechdel Test:

The Mako Mori Test:

In the TedTalk, Chimamanda argues about the the dangers of the single story. Also inline with Adichies argument is the position presented by Bechdel s argument who reviews how a single story is found in movies. Other review such as Romanos and the Racial Bechdel Test also give the story above some thought. In one way or another, they seek to identify the relationships that exist in the contexts of the media and the single story.

In this assignment you are required to compose an essay from that argues how relevant or useful it is to do tests to avoid the dangers of a single story especially in the modern day society and with specific respect to America.

Here are some of the thoughts that might assist you in finding results for the story.

Is there a specific story? If it exists can you tell it who says it and who believes in it? If not why might one, believe there is?. In your own view (How) do these tests challenge or reinforce the idea of the single story? Do you believe that there a better way to challenge the single story? Should the single story be challenged at all?

Kindly incorporate all the pre-writing tools and ideas that you have been introduced to: annotation rhetorical analysis, free writing questioning (brainstorm questions about each text) defining your terms and more. Note: You also have the chance to cite movies that you have seen if you feel they will be appropriate in supporting your argument and flow of thoughts in the story.

You should consult referencing platforms such as TLSH or the Purdue Owl website for information on how MLA formatting should be done. In addition, I have intentionally used the word media and not movies in the prompt itself; you can if relevant and in support of your thesis discuss other forms of media.
Assignment Requirements:
Write at least 1250 words but not more than 2500.
MLA-formatted {link to video refresher on MLA style}
As Usual, Include the Works Cited on the last page of your essay or paper
Reference Individuals who you may borrow ideas from:
o Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie TED Talk: The Danger of a Single Story
o Alison Bechdels The Rule
o Aja Romanos The Mako Mori Test: Pacific Rim Inspires a Bechdel Test Alternative
o The Racial Bechdel Test

Kindly talk to the for further assistance on the above assignment bechdel test ted talk
Here are more ideas you can borrow on the requirement

The assignment will take the shape of an argumentative essay, critical reading essay, critical reading and writing assignment, analytical essay example on a book



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