Hofstede’s Cultural Framework

1. Is it possible to build a theory of leadership that is widely applicable around the world? If so,what factors would need to be part of such a theory?
2. Are there any special management skills required for companies that make heavy use of global alliances and partnerships? If so, what are these skills?
3. “Working virtually requires learning a new way of relating and interacting. Success as a manager or team member requires learning to communicate information that maybe we would not have communicated in a face-to-face interaction. Members have to communicate task related information, social-related information, and context-related information.” Discuss this comment.

 Consider how these steps/stages might differ in another country and culture. Address the following in a paper:

  • Identify a country and culture, and provide a brief description in terms of Hofstede’s Cultural Framework. Note that it will be helpful to have a deep understanding of the culture.
  • Identify a company in that particular organizational culture.
  • Describe how the five stages of team life or the five steps of Cog’s ladder might look within the context of this other culture.
  • Add or delete stages/steps as you see fit.
  • Explain the reasons for your modifications.
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