I love you virus

I love you virus

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Background history
Section 3 – Later development.
Section 4 – The issues as they stand presently
Section 5 – References

I Love You Virus


The development of the World Wide Web has been characterized by a variety of challenges some being unintentional human errors, while other being intentional and guided by malicious notions. The most notable challenge under intentional category is the development of bugs, which fall under various categories such as worms, virus, and Trojan horses. One notable bug that is highly recognized in the 2000 millennium is I LOVE YOU worm or virus that affected more than 47 million computers within a day after it was released. I LOVE YOU is revered due to its ability to mutate hence increasing its potential to be destructive. Today, the bug would be considered a cyber-attack act and there are various organization around the world that have been developed to curb the effect of the virus.

Background History

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