I want to apply to MIT as a transfer student

“I study electric engineering in my country. I want to apply to MIT as a transfer student. I think I have the necessary requirements like good grades and some academic recognitions in my college. I also have some extracurricular activities like music. But I feel that this is not enough to make a very strong applicant. In the past months I have been working on a math conjecture to prove that I am a very smart student and to demonstrate that I deserve to study at MIT. I thought that such a great discovery like solving a conjecture would be more than enough to get into MIT. I am still working on this work. I would like to know if you know of any type of work I could present, any type of thesis, discovery, theory, solution to an open problem, something that will make me stand out among the rest of applicants, something that will guarantee me a place in the MIT community. … you will see that I do not know how many pages will be necessary to write my paper. So, I would like to get an idea about how many pages will the paper need, and I would like know what kind of work will the writer submit to me. What math topic will the writer choose? Thanks in advance. ”

Please provide your suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

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