Identify how your company uses quality management

Identify how your company uses quality management

Identify how your company uses quality management

Using  Motortech Co , continue to  develop the company profile and operating information. This is a very  open-ended SLP, and it will give you an opportunity to expand your  knowledge and use creativity in providing the solution to the  challenges.

Identify how your company uses quality management. Categorize the  quality problems in your company, and identify different areas for  quality measurement and management. What types of quality tools and  techniques are the best to be employed, process control, quality tools,  employee involvement? Consider quality management programs such as TQM,  Six Sigma, ISO9000, etc. How might these be employed, and which of these  do you think are best for your company?

This paper should be approximately 3–5 pages in length  counting the introduction, body, and summary. Include references and  cite them properly in the paper. Generally, at least three references  should be used.

  • First discuss a recap of your company and provide any additional  information about it that will be necessary and/or an interesting  background to a discussion of quality and quality management.
  • Identify at least three areas of types of quality focus (e.g.,  product quality, etc.). Discuss these areas and explain why quality is  important.
  • What are some quality tools and techniques that can be used to chart, diagnose, and improve quality in these three areas?
  • Discuss the types of quality programs and recommend what you think  is the best program or programs for your company to use and explain why.
  • There is no right or wrong response, so be creative and use your knowledge to compile the paper.

Review all of the resources for this Module. Use them to help you create/invent issues about quality and how you would improve.

Look for additional references about the type of business you are operating with specific information about improving quality.

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