The Importance of Job Skills-Related Training

The Importance of Job Skills-Related Training and Development Programs for Library Employees



This project consists of Five Chapters

-Chapter  1 (Definition of the Problem-It is written(

-Chapter  2 (Literature Review – It is written(

-Chapter 3 (Methodology – It is written (

-Chapter 4 (Data Analysis)

-Chapter 5 (Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations)


For this assignment:

I have uploaded the first three chapters which I wrote, and for now, your task is to complete the project. I just want you to write chapters 4 and 5.


 My topic is (The Importance of Job Skills-Related Training and Development Programs for Library Employees)


In chapter 4 (Data Analysis):

You must use the questions from Chapter1 as subheadings in an orderly way, tell about your findings. Interpret the data you collected and present it logically, and in a form that is truly illuminating with respect to the research question you raised. Resolve any inconsistencies or contradictions. Explain what you expected to find that you did, what surprised you, what patterns and relationships emerged. Use charts, tables and graphs to clarify your points, and refer to them!

In chapter 5:


What does the data in Chapter 4 “show” you?


With what the data indicates in Chapter 4 and the experts have demonstrated in Chapter 2, what are your conclusions?


And, recommendations?

You must write specific actions steps, based on your findings that should be taken to address the problem discussed in Chapter 1. Specifically, who should do what, when, and how should they do it. Recommendation a further study that you believe exists, as a result of your research.

** My expectations that writing will be very professional and fit with what I wrote earlier.

** I sent the survey to all library employees and I got 38 responses.



– I uploaded samples and templates of this project, so that can help you in writing… please see them.

– APA style.

-I have attached screenshots for the results obtained from the surveyquestions.

– The Reference Pages lists all sources should be used in the body of the report, and all sources in the Reference Pages are in the body.

– Please you must write Chapters 4 and 5 to past tense as the sample.

– Spelling and punctuation are correct.

– Ensure that the project is written in Third Person (per APA style) and does not use words like “I,”  “Me” or “My.” Rather, words like “the researcher” or “the author” are used.

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