Improving Reading Comprehension among the African American and Hispanic Students

Improving Reading Comprehension among the African American and Hispanic Students 

Identify the topic of your project. What general topic related to your practice of teaching are you interested in investigating?

A contemporary and relevant topic I feel passionate about and would like to research for MAT640 are effective techniques and strategies that have been used to improve reading comprehension for school age children in high poverty areas, specifically African American and Hispanic students. With the high teacher turnover ratio, limited resources and environmental challenges in these demographics, children are struggling with their academics. Reading is the mother of all school-based learning, and if they can be taught how to comprehend the material they are reading, they will be able to learn how to learn, which empowers them to move forward and succeed.

  1. Problem: For the topic, you identified, what is the problem, need, or issue that you would like to address?

According to the 2015 Nation’s Report Card taken from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) measuring student performance at twelfth grade, only 17% of black students and 25% of Hispanic students were proficient in reading (.Darling-Hammond, 2015). It is very difficult to do well on any subject if you cannot comprehend what you are reading, including math. I would like to investigate the problem of reading comprehension among black and Hispanic students. Children that are raised in poverty, those from homes where the parents’ reading levels and practices are low, those with limited proficiency in English, and those with speech, language, and hearing handicaps are at increased risk of reading failure.

  1. Background of Problem, Need or Issue (What has gone before? Provide brief historical perspective leading to the present.)

Questions of reading comprehension and literacy are at the front position of debates concerning educational reform (Grellet, 2011). Stakeholders in the education sector have for a long time reached a consensus that reading comprehension is a paramount part of formal education. However, despite this consensus, most African American and Hispanic students have been found to have a low reading comprehension of learning materials used in school. The educational experience of these groups of students is one full of disadvantages. Many African American and Hispanic students begin formalized schooling with low or without the social and economic resources that many other students get……………………….

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