Individual Marketing Plan

Service Marketing

Service Marketing

4000 Word Critical Review (Essay Format)

Critically examine the value of Marketing for ]Event industry. You should illustrate how the Service Marketing has been adopted and utilized in Event area.

You should carry this out in three stages:

1. A critical review of the current state of thinking in the literature in Service Marketing in event area. (1500words) Introduce different type definition and example.
2. A review of how service marketing had been embedded in organizations/initiatives in Service Marketing. (1500 words) The example of event companies how they embedded Service marketing is necessary.
3. Critique the value of Service Marketing whilst making recommendation for its use in the future. (1000words)

Similarity: no more than 15%

Organisational Structures

Do organisational structures interrelate with organisational culture and management styles to help in effective decision-making? Focus on how centralised or decentralised forms of decisional powers may help to strategically guide a business. In order to attempt this question, you will be required to engage with management/business literature to develop a critical analysis on the relationship between organisational structure, culture and managerial styles. Please provide real life examples of organisations to support your answer.

Individual Marketing Plan

Individual Marketing Plan



individual marketing plan report. Developing the profound insights gained during the group based industry analysis undertaking in assignment 1, select a company that falls within this industry. For either the entire organisation or a subsidiary product/service or brand facing a problem or challenge, you are required to develop a comprehensive marketing plan with a 3-5 year time horizon.

The Requirements:

-Report style, 1,500 – 2,000 words (+/-10%)
– Use accurate and frequent Harvard style in text referencing,
– Deep research will be evidenced by a substantive bibliography (2-3 pages)
– Use of relevant marketing literature, industry sources and original and customised illustrations are expected

– Deep research using academic, media and company sources is expected
– You should be demonstrating a strong understanding of marketing learnt during this terms lectures, seminars and beyond class personal consolidation and wider reading

From the industry you selected for the first assignment, identify a real company , product or brand of your choosing
• Ideally your choice will be in trouble or experiencing a period of change
• Develop a marketing plan
• Wide use of relevant theory and company examples is required

Report format paper
• Cover student ID only (not name);
• An accurate word count
• A short introduction/executive summary • Unusually, a conclusion is NOT required

Have I picked a good company ?
• Dealing with ambiguity is a skill that can develop with experience (good and bad !)
• There are no good/better/best options
• You should pick a company/product/brand that is researchable in English
• Choosing an interesting option will help fuel efforts and boost your motivation to work hard

Analysis (CRUCIAL)
• Review guidance on analysis
• Use expert opinion and data as evidence
• Include some evaluation of different stakeholder perspectives
• Academic writing style

Main body
In researching a relevant structure for the marketing plan you will discover there is no single model.

Through research of the variations that exist and consideration of the challenge you have been set you will be able to identify a suitable framework for your paper.

70% weighting
• This assignment represents 70% of the module grade, relying on your own personal effort.
• Deep and wide research is expected and this will be evident from the content.
• It is possible to populate headings with superficial content quite easily, however it is very easy for the marking team to identify poorly considered submissions.

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