Information Security Management System

Information Security Management System ”
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The development of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that could be independently audited and certified grew from a series of initiatives sponsored by ISO. As it developed as an industry-based standard, there was little academic research behind its evolution.

In this assignment you will identify and review academic research undertaken since 2000, specifically in the domain of information security management. You should critically analyse the research topics and their conclusions and produce a research report that covers the following issues:
1. An analysis of the information security domains covered by research (such as risk, controls, behaviour, standardisation, technologies etc) noting the papers in each area and their increase/decrease within domain since 2000.
2. An analysis of the paper sponsors or supporters (pure academic, industry sponsored, standards sponsored, military etc) noting the papers in each area and their increase/decrease within domain since 2000.
3. A critical review of your choice of two papers within the literature review scope, commenting on the topic areas and analysing the usability of the research in the commercial world.
It is expected that your review should cover at least 30 papers at a high level, an additional five papers at a more detailed level and two papers at a detailed level as part of completing s3 (above). The academic papers must come from accepted academic sources and be fully referenced.

Your appendices should include the full references to ALL papers reviewed.

Length: 4,000 words, not including appendixes/references

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