Information system analysis and design

Information system analysis and design

Pick a company of your choice. Briefly describe the company and a specific problem you want to address. Provide the company’s CEO with system recommendations to address the problem based on systems analysis techniques and best practices. The paper should include a context diagram and entity relationship diagram for the proposed system.


The paper should be in (((APA))) format with a maximum of five (5) pages. Note – Diagrams are not included in the page count.
Support your recommendation(s) with scholarly sources where applicable. The paper must include at least three (3) citations.
Graduate level writing and grammar are essential.
Your paper will be checked for plagiarism using Safe-Assign.

you should fwollo the Systems development life cycle
and the most importamt think is
1- Scope of problem.
2- Schedule you can ues gant shart
3- Cost.

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