Information Technology Topics

Information Technology Topics

1.Securing P2P systems from Sybil attacks through adaptive identity management

2.Mobile application security: malware threats and defenses

3.A black-box testing tool for detecting SQL injection vulnerabilities

4.The Spy in the Sandbox – Practical Cache Attacks in Javascript
5.Neighbor Similarity Trust against Sybil Attack in P2P E-Commerce

6.A slow read attack using cloud

7.Integrated Software Vulnerability and Security Functionality Assessment

8.Security of embedded automotive networks: state of the art and a research proposal

9.Security and privacy in the Internet of Things: Current status and open issues

10.Securing the Cloud: Threats, Attacks and Mitigation Techniques

11.Understanding cyber terrorism: The grounded theory method applied

12.Stealing Webpages Rendered on Your Browser by Exploiting GPU Vulnerabilities


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