Information Technology

Information Technology , my focus track and me

This paper have 4 sections. You need to do section 1 and 2. I am undergraduate student . my major is information technology. now i became a senior so i need to focus in one part in information technology. there are 3 kinds of focus parts i can choose which is Web Publishing , Networking and Digital Forensics. I choose Networking. this paper will talk about how Networking related to me . Section 1 , You will begin with a hypothesis, gather and analyze information from your various sources,
and discuss the validity of your initial hypothesis, establishing why and how your potential chosen area of IT is (or isn’t) a sound, logical match for the person i am or want to hypothesis regarding the area of IT that I have selected should be included in an Introduction section. A potential hypothesis statement would be Networking is the Field of IT for Me.
The second section should include a description of what you believe and can document what really goes on in the specific area of IT you have selected. Specific relevant details about your area of IT should go into this section. This area requires at least four supporting references including at least one from an occupational outlook guide which as closely as possible refers to the careers related to your chosen area of IT. Include if possible from this source information about potential working conditions, salaries, job
availability, opportunities for advancement, etc. related to jobs in your area of IT. An interview or short discussion with an individual who actually works full time in your selected area of IT can be one of your
sources of material for this section. (Note: even if you are currently working in the field, you cannot be the only source of information — you must research and have references!) Be sure to consider geographic
location in your assessment as well. I am from UAE ,so you need to talk about UAE salaries for IT , job availability there. Section 2 need to have references. see the attach file for more details

Comments from Support Team: I will talke these classes
Network Administration
Network Infrastructure
Network Security Mgmt
Adv Network Mgmt


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